Evil Eye Ring 10 K

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Made of stainless steel,skin contact is not allergic.plating 10k gold with good process,and it won't fade easily even if you wash your hands (but don't touch the water too often).The high quality rhinestones and blue evil eyes are very simple,and the ladies wear this ring for an elegant look.The stainless steel ring is very small,it is very cute to wear from all angles,it is very light weight,and it doesn't feel the weight on the hand.

Evil eyes mean to protect you from escaping the bad luck and bless you and your family.The evil eye ring can be used as an amulet,while at the same time it can be used as an ornament to highlight your elegance. Another implication is to express your affection for a person's emotions,miss or love.This person can be your family,friends or loved ones.