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Our Baddie Glow detoxifying charcoal mask is great for oily skin. 

This product can be used for any area of the body. 100% natural calcium Bentonite Clay. Great for removing impurities and dirt from pore. Deep pore cleansing off the skin. Slight redness might occur but will disappear. 100% Shea oil great for moisture and retaining the elasticity to the skin. Raw organic honey, vitamin E and C, and distilled water. Great for oily skin. Gives a matte finish.

Recommended Use: 2x weekly, spread an even layer to clean dry skin, gently massage for 1-2 minutes, then let it sit for 15-30 minutes for best results. Must be stored in a cool dry place or in the refrigerator as an alternative. Avoid eye contact may burn.  

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Please note: All Baddie Glow products are handmade with nature derived products, no artificial chemicals, parabens or other preservatives added. Please be advised, colors, smells, and textures may differ with each purchase as the raw ingredients are sourced carefully for optimization and the properties of natural elements change with its environment.