Be gone Corona ! - IMMUNE BOOSTER

Be gone Corona ! - IMMUNE BOOSTER

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Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic elder flower, organic red raspberry leaf, organic ginger, organic elder berries, organic yarrow flower and organic hyssop.

Help strengthen your immune system with this tasty, elderberry-based herbal tea.

  • A blend of  powerful botanicals and herbs that promote cell strength, immunity and overall balance of the body and skintone.
Organic Rooibos used in Organic Beauty Me Tea

Organic Rooibos

Rooibos is a herb from South Africa that has numerous health benefits. It has 6 times the antioxidants as green tea, is completely caffeine-free, and has been shown to aid in relaxation. Also, it contains alpha hydroxy acid and zinc which are great for the skin!
Organic Ginger Root used in Organic Beauty Me Tea

Organic Ginger Root

Ginger root has numerous health benefits and is a super herb that is great for overall health. But it was chosen for the Beauty Me blend due to it's flavor and it's ability to help you absorb more nutrients from the other powerful herbs in this blend.
Organic Peppermint used in Organic Beauty Me Tea

Organic Peppermint

Peppermint is a great herb with excellent flavor and numerous health benefits including digestive and respiratory health. Its flavor gives this blend it's smooth and refreshing taste.
Organic Dandelion Root used in Organic Beauty Me Tea

Organic Dandelion Root

Dandelion root has been growing in popularity due to its numerous health benefits including improving liver function and overall health. It also packs a Vitamin A punch which helps improve skin health.
Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi) used in Organic Beauty Me Tea

Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Tulsi is highly antibiotic, a disinfectant, antibacterial and anti-fungal. It has been shown to even cure skin disorders!
Organic Gotu Kola used in Organic Beauty Me Tea

Organic Gotu Kola

The saponins in Gotu kola have been shown to help in the appearance of your skin. It can reduce wrinkles, blemishes and more!
Organic Burdock Root used in Organic Beauty Me Tea

Organic Burdock Root

Burdock root has phytosterols in it that have been shown to promote hair growth and health. It is also packed with numerous vitamins and minerals which are essential to overall skin and hair health.

 Tea Type: Herbal  (caffeine free)





STEEP: 1 generous teaspoon per 8 oz. cup for 3-5 minutes 


12 tea bags