About Us





About Us: 

Hey Baddies, I’m Jessica Walker, founder and creative behind Baddie Glow! After becoming a first-time parent, healthy glowing skin was such a struggle for me. I was desperate to find a wholesome beauty regimen that left my skin feeling soft and radiant, and me confident and empowered. While on my personal spiritual journey, one night through my dreams, my beloved grandmother shared the ingredients for all our products being sold today. I am beyond grateful for the many lives my grandma and I have left an imprint. Every product was carried out with love, care and persistence for perfection. Through the countless hours of combining various superfruits, vitamins, and natural oils I am confident, Baddie Glow will leave your skin and soul glowing, nourished and refreshed. Thank you for the support Baddies! With Love, Jessica! 


Our Mission:

Since 2017, Baddie Glow have been working to unlock the secrets behind glowing skin. We strive to provide 100% natural ingredients to feed your skin appropriately – because no one day is the same. Our products are genuinely potent, filled with rich antioxidant fruit extracts with clean formulations and unexpected textures for all skin types. Baddie Glow has dedicated its life work to uncover the secrets to achieving healthy beautiful skin and now we are glad to share it with all you Baddies!