TRAVEL SET - Glowing on Vacation Kit

TRAVEL SET - Glowing on Vacation Kit

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Traveling and need your Baddie Glow products on the go? The Baddie Glow travel sets are perfect for a weekend getaway or when you’re just on the go. 

What’s Included: 

TSA Travel Size Approved – 2oz

Baddie Glow Face Wash 

Baddie Glow Face Toner 

Baddie Glow Glo Up Oil 

*No items from this kit can be removed or replaced for another item!

$8.00 flat-rate per order. Ships within 7 days to United States addresses. Prices may vary for expedited and/or international shipping.

Please note: All Baddie Glow products are handmade with nature derived products, no artificial chemicals, parabens or other preservatives added. Please be advised, colors, smells, and textures may differ with each purchase as the raw ingredients are sourced carefully for optimization and the properties of natural elements change with its environment.